Top 17 Free Learning Websites for Kids


Finding the best resources to support your child’s education can be challenging for parents. Fortunately, many free learning websites are available that cater to various age groups and subjects. We have made a comprehensive list of these resources and categorized them to make your search easier and more effective. We hope you will find a site or two that will meet your kid’s unique needs no matter what level they currently are.

1. General Free Learning Websites for Kids

Here we have listed websites that offer a broad range of subjects suitable for different age groups.

  1. Khan Academy: Offers lessons in math, science, economics, and more. Their interactive exercises and videos make learning engaging and accessible for kids of all ages.
  2. Starfall: Provides reading and math activities for preschool to elementary students. It’s particularly useful for early learners developing basic literacy and numeracy skills.
  3. PBS Kids: This site features educational games and videos from PBS shows. Characters from popular programs like Arthur and Sesame Street help kids learn while having fun.

2. Reading Websites

For Young Readers
Here are some great resources to help young children develop their reading skills.

  1. ABCya: Offers interactive reading games for kids from preschool to grade 6. These games make learning phonics, sight words, and reading comprehension enjoyable.
  2. Storyline Online: Features videos of actors reading children’s books aloud. Each story comes with a supplemental curriculum developed by educators.
  3. Starfall Learn to Read: Helps kids learn to read with phonics-based activities. The interactive books and games are designed to make early reading fun.

Elementary Students

  1. Epic!: This site provides a vast library of digital books for kids 12 and under. It includes fiction, nonfiction, and audiobooks.
  2. Funbrain: Offers interactive books and games for kids. The content is designed to be both educational and entertaining.

High School Students

  1. Project Gutenberg: This platform offers over 60,000 free eBooks, including many classics. It’s a valuable resource for literature students.
  2. Smithsonian Magazine: This website features articles on history, science, and culture. It’s a great way for older students to engage with advanced reading materials.

3. Math Websites

For Kindergarten and Elementary Students

  1. Cool Math 4 Kids: This website provides fun math games and lessons. The site covers basic arithmetic, geometry, and other fundamental math concepts.
  2. SplashLearn: This platform offers interactive math activities for kids from pre-K to grade 5. The curriculum is designed to align with school standards.

For Middle School Students

  1. Khan Academy Math: Comprehensive math lessons for all grade levels. The platform covers topics from basic arithmetic to algebra and beyond.
  2. Math Playground: Features an extensive array of math games and puzzles meticulously crafted to boost problem-solving abilities and foster mathematical thinking.

4. Language Learning Websites


  1. Duolingo: This app is a fun and interactive way to learn Spanish and other languages. It uses game-like lessons to make language learning engaging.
  2. SpanishDict: This site offers free Spanish lessons, dictionaries, and translation tools. It’s an excellent resource for students of all levels.

English Language

  1. English Club: Resources for English learners of all levels. The site includes lessons on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and more.
  2. British Council Learn English Kids: Games, songs, stories, and activities for children learning English. The resources are designed to be fun and educational.

5. Printable Learning Resources

These websites offer printable worksheets and activities for various subjects.

  1. Thousands of printable worksheets for all grade levels. The worksheets cover subjects from math and reading to science and art.
  2. Twinkl: Offers printable resources for teachers and parents. The site provides a wide range of activities and lesson plans.

6. Learning Games

Engage your kids with these educational games that make learning fun.

  1. ABCya: Fun and educational games for pre-K to grade 6 children. The games cover subjects like math, reading, and science.
  2. Cool Math Games: A wide variety of math-based games for kids. The games are designed to make math fun and interesting.

7. Age-Specific Learning Websites

For Toddlers

  1. Sesame Street: Games, videos, and activities for young children. The content focuses on basic skills like counting, ABCs, and social-emotional learning.
  2. Nick Jr.: Educational games and videos featuring Nick Jr. characters. The site offers activities that help toddlers learn through play.

For Preschoolers

  1. Starfall: Reading and math activities designed for preschoolers. The interactive content helps young children develop early literacy and numeracy skills.
  2. ABCmouse: Comprehensive early learning activities (free with a subscription). The curriculum covers reading, math, science, and art.

For 4 to 6-Year-Olds

  1. Funbrain Jr.: Educational games and activities for young children. The games are designed to make learning enjoyable for early learners.
  2. Learning Games for Kids: This platform offers games and activities that help kids learn while having fun. It covers a variety of topics, including math, reading, and spelling.

For 7th Graders

  1. BrainPOP: Educational videos and quizzes on various subjects. The content is designed to be engaging and informative for middle school students.
  2. CK-12: This platform offers free online textbooks and interactive lessons. It offers a wide selection of relevant courses or subjects, including social studies, science, and math.

8. Specialized Learning Resources

Science and Nature

  1. National Geographic Kids: This site offers articles, videos, and activities about animals, science, and more. The content is designed to create curiosity in children and promote their love of learning.
  2. HowStuffWorks: Explains how things work in a kid-friendly manner. The platform addresses many subjects, from technological advancements to natural occurrences.

Art and Music

  1. MetKids: Interactive activities and resources from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The site offers art-making activities, videos, and an interactive map.
  2. Classics for Kids: Teaches children about classical music in an engaging way. The site includes audio recordings, composer biographies, and interactive games.

9. History and Social Studies

  1. History for Kids: Offers a variety of historical content and activities. The site includes articles, videos, and quizzes on historical events and figures.
  2. This site provides educational resources and activities about the U.S. government and history. It is designed to help kids understand civic concepts.

10. Computer Programming and Coding

  1. Scratch: Produced by MIT, Scratch enables children to craft interactive narratives, games, and animations. It’s a great introduction to coding.
  2. Offers free coding lessons for kids of all ages. The platform includes courses on a variety of programming languages and concepts.

11. Physical Education and Health

  1. GoNoodle: This site offers videos promoting movement and mindfulness crafted by specialists in child development. It’s perfect for getting kids active and improving their physical health.
  2. KidsHealth: This website offers articles, videos, and activities on health and wellness topics for kids. It covers everything from nutrition to mental health.

12. Geography

    1. National Geographic Kids: Features engaging content about geography, including interactive maps and activities.
    2. Google Earth for Kids: Allows kids to explore the world from their computer. It’s a fun way to learn about geography and different cultures.

13. Financial Literacy

      1. Practical Money Skills: Offers games and activities that teach kids about money management.
      2. PBS Kids – Financial Literacy: Features games that introduce basic financial concepts in a fun and engaging way.

14. Environmental Education

      1. EcoKids: This website provides environmental education resources, including games, activities, and articles about nature and sustainability.
      2. National Wildlife Federation: Offers resources and activities to help kids learn about wildlife and conservation.

15. Social Skills and Emotional Learning

      1. Sesame Street in Communities: Offers resources to help kids develop social and emotional skills.
      2. Zones of Regulation: Provides activities and lessons designed to assist children in regulating their emotions and enhancing their social interactions.

16. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)

      1. NASA Kids’ Club: Features games and activities related to space exploration and science.
      2. Exploratorium: Offers interactive science and engineering activities that make learning about STEM subjects fun and engaging.

17. Life Skills

      1. Life Skills Activities for Kids: Offers activities and lessons designed to impart vital life skills to children, spanning from cooking skills to personal safety.
      2. Kidspot: Provides resources and activities to help kids develop practical life skills.


Finding the appropriate educational tools for your child will significantly improve their learning journey. We hope that these free learning websites will provide you with a variety of tools and activities that will help your child grow and excel. Please explore these options, engage with your child’s content, and watch your child’s love for learning flourish!

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