Top 25 foods to avoid during pregnancy


1. Soft cheese and feta cheese:


Eating feta cheese during pregnancy can cause danger to your baby.  Feta cheese is made of unpasteurized milk that might contain Listeria – link to miscarriage, prematurity and death. You should avoid all these kind of cheeses like: brie, camembert, feta, soft cheese…except products labeled completely pasteurized. For the best safety, you should have your doctor’s advice before using these foods.

2. Canned fruit juices:


Canned fruit juices from restaurants, bars or supermarkets are probably unpasteurized and not healthy to use because they might contain salmonella and ecoli. Pregnant women should make juice at home with fresh ingredients and good hygienic condition.

3. Sushi


If you are a fan of sushi, sadly you have to stop eating them during 9 months of pregnancy. Although seafood are high – protein food but raw seafood are also have harmful bacteria and parasites. The US Ministry of Health states that pregnant woman should eat fish and seafood that are completely cooked.

4. Raw meat


Your favorite foods are raw steak, fillet…but if you are pregnant, you should avoid all kind of undercooked meats. They might contain toxoplasma and other bacteria that are harmful for your health and your baby.

5. Salad

Some salads have sauces made with raw eggs like Caesar salad, Besarnaice sauces, mayonnaise sauces…are not recommended. Pregnant woman should choose canned sauced made with pasteurized eggs.

6. Raw poultry


During pregnant period, do not contact with raw poultry meats. They contain variety of bacteria. You should use meat that is well-purified for safe.

7. Ham and sausage


Unlike other bacteria, listeria could develop in fridge’s temperature. So, pregnant woman should avoid stored meat like hams and sausages. You could make them safer by well-cook or grill these foods before using.

8. Pate


Pate might be made with spoilt meats so that it could contain listeria. Storing pate in the fridge can slow the development of listeria but cannot prevent completely.

9. Unwashed fruits


You should spend time washing completely fruits and vegetables by clean water. Some kind of parasites such as toxoplasma on unwashed fruits would be harmful for your fetus. Cut off any spoilt parts or throw the unfresh food away.

10. Sprouts vegetable


Pregnant women should not eat sprouts such as bean sprouts. Bacteria might pervade into the seeds before growing and these bacteria are unable to wash away.

11. Desserts made with raw eggs


You should pay attention to the dessert’s ingredients, especially raw or undercooked egg. If the recipe has eggs, make sure that your pie is completely baked. Raw eggs might contain more than 20.000 salmonella.

So that, many favorite desserts such as mousse, tiramisu…are inappropriate for pregnant woman to eat.

12. Fish containing mercury


Swordfish, cetacean, mackerel…contain high level of mercury. Mercury might cause bad effect to the development of fetus. Cat fish, salmon, tuna are better choice. You should ask for the doctor’s advice before using Fish Oil or any extra nutrition.

13. Smoked Seafood


During pregnancy, it is better that you avoid uncooked smoked seafood. These foods are usually stored in fridge and easily contain listeria. Cook them well before using.

14. Shell animals


Raw scallop, snails, cockle, oysters…contain many harmful parasites and bacteria. Pregnant woman still can eat them but make sure all foods are well-cooked.

15. Buffet


You might prefer buffets but be careful because the foods could be done for such a long time ago. Make sure the you are eating foods made within 2 hours.

16. Unpasteurized milk


If you are in pregnant period, you should better not drink unpasteurized milk because it might contain listeria. Only use milk and dairy that are completely pasteurized.

17. Caffeinated beverages


There are researches showing that an appropriate amount of caffeine would not be a problem for pregnant woman. But if the proportion is too high, the ability of miscarriage will increase. The doctor’s advice is that pregnant woman and anyone who is expecting a child should limit the amount of caffeine down to 200mg/day. Remember that caffeine exists in soda, tea, chocolate and many beverages as well.

18. Alcoholic beverages


Drinking too much alcohol during pregnancy can link to severe birth defects for baby. For your baby’s safety, you must avoid all kinds of alcoholic beverages containing wine, beer, baileys…

19. Foods stored in Styrofoam


Foods stored in Styrofoam of nylon bags could multiply the bacteria several times. If you buy food stored in bags, you should put them into the fridge about 2 hours before using.

20. Bamboo Sprouts


The amount of Cyanide in fresh bamboo sprout is very high, about 230mg/kg. Because of the effect of digestive enzymes, Cyanide is converted to Acid Cyanhydric (HNC) which is a most violent poison. So pregnant woman should not use bamboo sprouts during all 9 months.

21. Withered ginger


Ginger should not be kept for a long time because after a few days, it will be softer and spoilt in small parts and cutting surface. During this time, a poison named shikimol will appear in the whole remains of the ginger. Shikimol can cause the cells changing in liver of a healthy body. Pregnant woman should not eat withered ginger at least within 3 first months.

22. Papaya


In green and unripe papaya, there are lots of enzymes and pus that cause uterine contractions. The result usually is miscarriage, especially in 3 first months of pregnancy.

23. Pineapple


Bromelain in pineapples can soften uterus and arouse urine contractions. Moreover, eating pineapples will cause itching, rashes and constipation…that are not healthy for pregnant woman.

24. Soy bean


There are many researches about the effect of soy bean to reproductive health of male and fetus. Some of them say that men should not use soy bean because it can cause bad effect to sperm quality and the conception. Pregnant woman in the 3 first months should not use soy bean to avoid the disadvantage of the fetus’s development. After that, 300ml/a day can be accepted.

25. Longan


If you eat too much longan during pregnancy, you have to deal with constipation, rashes and allergy, melasma. It is unsafe for the development of the fetus and mother’s health.

For a safe health, mother should pay attention to these top 25 foods to avoid during pregnancy.

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