14 ways to save for pregnant women

14 ways to save for pregnant women

Having a child means that you have the role of a mother. That means you’ll have lots of things to worry, a few things to purchase and it means that you will spend too much. Since the pregnancy, please refer to the below tips to save more in the process of upbringing your child.

1.Buy kinds of clothes for both boys and girls to wear

If you intend to have more than one child, stay away from those kinds of clothes which have only a color such as pink or blue. Many types of shirts and shorts suit for both boys and girls at the age of kindergarten, so you can reuse the clothes for the next child and that will help you save quite much.

2.Be wise when choosing a stroller for your baby

Why do you have to spend much money for an expensive stroller when you can buy a good one at affordable prices? It is not necessary for you have to buy strollers with an electronic brake or vapor cushion.

3.Turn the house into the kindergarten

Many kindergartens currently receive children from 2 years old, but if children are sent to the kindergarten soon, you will spend a huge cost. Meanwhile, you absolutely can create an exciting environment at home and create more opportunities for children to play with neighbor kids. This can help your baby get used to the way of living in the kindergarten.

4.Free haircuts for children

Try taking your children to the barbershop and hair salon, you will find money for having children’s hair cut no less than adults’, so you can save by self haircuts for children at home. Just need a bottle of hair spray, a pair of scissors or clippers and a comb to brush away the hair that is cut. When searching for information on the network, you will be guided step by step to give your child a beautiful hairstyle.

5.Arrange the childcare time

In the families, when both spouses work, the childcare would be a problem to cause headaches. Find out whether your employer has allowed you to select flexible working time or not. Some couples have cut the cost of childcare by turns to work and stay home with children.

6.Choose the clothes and utensils which can be used for a long time

 Purchasing things in liquidation will help you save some money, but you should pay attention to the size suitable for your child in the future. You should also buy clothes whose price you can bargain or buy clothes with promotional programs.


For infants and young children, no milk is better than breast milk. Moreover, milk for infants and small children is often quite expensive. Of course, you may still need to buy some things like breast pumps but it is still likely to be a lot cheaper than buying infant formula.

8.Use cloth diapers

Of course, washing cloth diapers also takes your money and time, but cloth diapers are certainly more economical than disposable paper diapers. Moreover, you can reuse these diapers for your next child.

9.Self-cook meals for children

Do you think that the purchase of items available for babies is expensive? Instead, you can buy vegetables and cook them for babies. You only need to persist doing this until they are four or six months. At that time, the baby is able to eat solid food.

10.Remember the rule of shopping some things for babies

You should buy things such as cribs, wardrobes, or swings in the shops selling furniture or consumption goods in general, should not buy in the kid shops. You will save 20-30% of costs.

11.Restrict to “visit” the dentist

With the brushing for children 2 times a day, you will help your child avoid cavities. And you only need to do this until they are about 7 years old because they can brush their teeth at this time. Let’s pay attention to dental problems before the baby’s teeth grow. Remember to take your child to the dentist for checks-up before the baby is 1 year old and for re-examination 2 times per year.

12.Present someone with meaningful gifts

 When your friends have a child, please give her practical things she might use, for example, bringing her a meal cooked by you for dinner, or looking after her baby for her to comfortably watch a movie. I am sure that she certainly will thank you for it. You can save some money in comparison with buying gifts.

13.Buy large quantities of goods

You can reduce the cost of buying diapers for children by buying the large number or buying at wholesale points.

14.Find entertainment types at no cost

Instead of going to the leisure centers and spending money on them, so why don’t you try leading your baby to the tourist attraction areas in the city? The book store is also an ideal place where your child can read books/stories or stroll around the bookstalls. Also, now there are many music shows, fairs and exhibitions which are open to public guests. Do not feel guilty about this; you have young children and others will sympathize with you.

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